Saturday, January 28, 2012

My best "that's what she said" moments

Okay so I realize that saying "that's what she said" is a little immature and seldom say it now that I'm in college but lets take a look back to my high school years when I had a little more fun ;).

  • Me: "I would like an Italian BMT with double meat please"
Lady Subway worker: "Wow that's a lot of meat"

Me: "that's what she said"

*awkward silence* still have to make the rest of the sandwich

  • Mom:  "James you better not go upstairs with that dinner.... YOU BETTER GET BACK DOWN HERE AND EAT THIS!"

    Me: (against my better judgement) that's what she said!



  1. Haha my family hate when me and my cousin do this. Lol, had a English teacher do this a lot too. He was a huge office fan.

  2. Hahahah never used that myself but it's hilarious. :D

  3. lol
    one of my teacher uses that line all the time.
    sometimes its even funny

  4. lol good times. That was a poor display of judgement but still funny.

  5. LOL hilarious! You got guts!! :D