Friday, January 27, 2012

Shows that are easy to agree upon

This is a list of shows I like to watch in my spare time a couple of them might be a little girly but that is because I watch T.V mainly with my girlfriend. Theses shows for the most part are friendly to a big viewer demographic and that is why it is an easy comprise that we can both enjoy! I would recommend these shows to any couple!

These next shows are ones I watch on my own

 I also enjoy ESPN, History and Discovery channel


  1. Parks is really good. Huge fan. Havent seen the others but modern family looks good. Will check it out

  2. These are all pretty decent shows, mate.

  3. Big fan of both parks and modern family, great shows!

  4. I just started watching New Girl! It's pretty good.

    And you shouldn't be ashamed of watching Doctor Who!! Wear it proudly. Doctor who is the shit. I've been watching it my whole life.

    Ben 10 on the other hand...keep that one on your own haha ;)

    GM x

  5. i remember trying to watch season 1 of parks and rec and hating it. Then I started watching again at the end of season 2 and loved it. And Doctor Who... come on, it's an institution

  6. I've never watched them.