Thursday, February 9, 2012

Being in a fraternity at college

My senior year High school I had no Idea where life was going to take me. Until luckily with help from my Aunts I discovered that I was going to college, all throughout high school I had never pictured myself as being a college student. I wasn't that great academically in high school and never took much interest in school. I had no idea what was on my horizon so I applied to the University of Idaho for the hell of it. When I was accepted my aunts took me to the college to check it out and it started to grow on me that I this was my new beginning. Once accepted and enrolled I had to decide on a major. I never anticipated following in my families footsteps as educators but it made the most sense to me because it's what I knew all my life, my heart was into and I already had an idea in my head of what it would look like. I also wanted to do AFROTC because it was something that always interested me. Plus there was rush week on the horizon that my grandma really wanted me to partake in because she knew how structured it would make my life. When I rushed the fraternity houses there were many that interested me but I kept in mind that my goal was to succeed in college so I didn’t choose the one that best fit my personality I chose the one that would be the best environment for me to succeed in.

I chose Phi Delta Theta because it was second best in grades, it was dry and it had many men that were also doing ROTC like me. The first couple months were really rough on me I really didn’t have any friends because I missed the first couple days because my sister had her wedding and that’s when my pledge class started bonding. The members didn’t really like me off the bat both because I was this goofy kid and they probably thought that I was full of myself. None the less I had to get over it because I was taking a full load of 18 credits, had a long distance relationship that required a lot of time on the phone talking, I was full of duties as a pledge in a fraternity and ROTC was a big time commitment because it required morning hours and driving between colleges to do senseless tasks amongst other things. There were times I felt really lonely, depressed like I had no friends and the world was working against me I considered dropping out of the Fraternity, but knew that if I pushed though good things would come out of it. It was a hot fire that forged me but I was right, as time went on I gradually started making more friends and learning people skills that without would have made me unsuccessful as a person in general. I highly doubt that I would have succeeded anywhere else on campus, the timing seemed to be just right, and I grew as a person. If I would have been anywhere else on campus I know that I would have given into many different temptations and would not have been as successful anywhere else on the campus. I really owe Phi Delt a lot for making me a person that can truly appreciate other people for what they are. For proving to me that I can lead people and that I’m worth a good education and future. They truly are the makers of men.

(Neil Armstrong Phi Delt Alumn)
            Fast forward to present time, I have currently dropped out of AFROTC for many reasons but mainly because my heart wasn’t in it. I gained a little weight my freshman year but am working to get it off. I am now currently holding a position as chaplain which gives me an opportunity to give back as much as they have given to me. My major is Secondary Education with an emphasis in social sciences and this semester my goal is not miss a class which I have not yet. I hope to get my masters one and become a student advisor. Freshman year is one of the many obstacles of college life it can make you pick up bad habits for the rest of your life or break you and be insurmountable. However, if you take it as a learning experience you can take a step to a brighter future.


  1. I would never consider joining a fraternity in the past, because I was always too weak and cowardly, and would likely have been killed in the hazing period. But working for the most evil corporation on earth, they have beaten me into a well oiled machine of a human dynamo, in exchange for the meager wages which allow me to put a roof over my head, enjoy fine roast beef at Arby's, and occasionally clothe myself. So, perhaps now I could have survived, but I suppose it is a bit too late to look back, and must strive to veer forward to the future.

  2. that freshman year at college was harder than me. i only did 13 units and now i have slacked off to 4.5 units hah, at least your doing something.

  3. I don't really understand all this fraternity stuff...
    We don't have these in france.
    There are clubs about common interest and that's it.

    Glad you feel better.