Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lip sync contest

Largest scale rick roll it starts out slow but if you go forward it picks up the theme was 80's. This was me in my lip sync group outname was Klaw Media ( like the std, it was a play on words) people got a good laugh when they announced us. We got second for what ever reason even though our lip sync was far superior. The next year we got 5th and we were once again far superior in every aspect and adjusted our comedic style that would appease the judges scoring ( I do not have this video on the interenet). The next year we got tired of being screwed over so we quit plus it was hard to coordinate since we where in college doing our own things and that year they had the worst lip sync ever.. so tell me what you think!!I am the construction worker in the village people.


  1. klaw media. brilliant !!
    also following, nice blog .

  2. man that was epic! which one were u? :D that should have won .....

  3. definitely sounds like a fun thing to do in college

  4. That's actually pretty funny. I can think of a possible scenario in the audience.

    Kid: Mummy, what just happened?
    Mum: You just got rickrolled son.

  5. Quality, nice choice on the Mr Mister hehe, (one of my guilty pleasures) cheers for the Follow too, returning now :)))