Monday, February 6, 2012


(I will try to make this story as objective as possible to protect the people in this story, know that I have no bad opinions of either of these people and I am just purely interested in the subject matter this is purely for insight and to broaden my education)

The other day one of my professors of Political Science said that not paying your taxes is the same as being a pedophile since both prey on the weak. He is saying this because when people don't pay their taxes it could make a bridge collapse, we have less money to support our military or stop signs and other things that protect us that without could cause death. I kind of understand what he is getting at but another lady in this class said that being a pedophile is a malicious offense and serious offense on a child and that not paying your taxes is just flexing your rights. Just like Libertarians only think that you should have to pay for courts, local law enforcement, and Military. So what do you think,

Tell me what you think!!


  1. Hahaha that's just rich. You're professor dude sounds a little... "bonkers"? To make that connection.... pfffffff

  2. I am surprised by this comment from your Political Science professor. If the country doesn't have anymore money and needs the people's taxes then why keep spending more on the military and foreign aid?

    I would rather think that your Pol-Sci professor would have at least have a go at the politicians that run the country. Instead of the people that are working to keep it from going under.

    The politicians passed the laws that got the US into debt in the first place by spending more. Plus how does paedophilia fit into all this? It is a sexual preference (been there since Ancient times), they don't prey on the weak and vulnerable like a rapist does.

    Sorry, I think I'm straying too far here, I don't even know if my points make any sense at all. It's just that comments like that get me riled up especially if the person making it was of a high caliber as a prof.

    1. I think he meant closer to being a child molester not pedophile and you could say that taxes have been around from the ancient times as well. Any way what he was getting at was that we're gonna have to pay taxes regardless of the situations we're in now and that crime is crime and when you commit a crime you are hurting other people

  3. LOL I wouldn't go that far like your professor but not paying taxes is bad...If hard-working people pay taxes, shouldn't everyone? But yes, I hate taxes too but it's only fair to pay if everyone else is paying.

  4. I don't think you can equate the two. The pedophile is potentially ruining someone's life, is a huge stretch to blame a tax cheat for a bridge falling over...there were many factors involved in the bridge collapsing. If you were to follow this argument to it's logical conclusion, then being a serial tax cheat is also as bad as being a serial killer. You can always force the tax cheat to "pony up the dough" as it were, but you can't undo the harm done to a child who has been abused, or bring a murder victim back from the dead.