Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day and Failblog

Yesterday I decided to surprise my girlfriend that goes to college 80 miles or so away from me so I showed up with a mullet and suprised her twice as hahaha! She hated the mullet and was in shock that I was there but none the less she was happy we could spend the day together.
These are some V-day photos from failblog that I liked.
The picture of the napkin reminds me of a friend that asked a girl out to homecoming that laid out a message in her yard that said : blah bla blah to say yes give me this pebble at school tomorrow  to say no bring me this giant boulder ( that weighed over 400lbs)
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  1. nothing says romance like a good mullet.

    And I've tagged you! link

  2. Lol! the napkin one made me laugh.

  3. I like the rock method!


  4. Did you draw the comic strip. That is neat.
    Thanks for reading my blog. I'd like to follow yours too. I was not able to see who was reading my blog. Now I have Googlecrome and I saw your link:)

  5. I didn't hate your mullet James.
    I actually think it looks good on you! :)
    Thanks for the surprise.